Recycling Your Mississippi-Grown

Christmas Tree

Artificial trees have about a 6-year lifespan in your home, but, when they are tossed, they spend centuries in landfills. Real Christmas trees are biodegradable and can be recycled.

Many neighborhoods and counties have programs that will mulch, chip, or recycle trees for you.

Recycle your tree:
  • Check newspapers and advertisements for local programs that will remove and recycle your tree.
  • Compost your tree. Cut off the boughs and cut into small chunks to add to your compost pile.
  • Provide a wildlife haven. Make sure that all the decorations are removed, and prop the tree in a corner of your yard for birds to roost during the winter.
  • Improve the shoreline of your lake or pond. Trees prevent soil and sand erosion. They also can be sunk into lakes or ponds to provide a refuge and feeding area for fish.

Sources: Dr. Jessica Tegt, Assistant Extension Professor, Wildlife, Fisheries, and Aquaculture, Mississippi State University; and Dr. Stephen Dicke, Extension Professor, Central Mississippi Research and Extension Center, Mississippi State University.